St Augustine FloridaThe month of October entails some of our favorite fright-filled movies, decorations of goblins and skeletons haunting every street corner, and a certain ominous atmosphere comes to fruition. Spectacular explosions of sunset-inspired vibrancy, and Jack-o-lanterns beginning to pop up in storefront windows. When the sounds of witches, ghouls, and ghosts begin to fill the air, visit St Augustine and Southern Oaks Inn to experience three frightening must-sees to get you into the Halloween spirit!

A Believe It Or Not Train Ride
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is well known for its expansive odditorium full of the utmost perplexing wonderment; however, for a more bone chilling experience, their ghost train tour is perfect for those daring to challenge the lurking spirits of St Augustine. Embark on the unique Ghost Train Adventure where you will track down the supernatural in an exciting paranormal investigation. This eighty-minute paranormal encounter is perfect for those in search of catching perhaps more than just a glimpse of those who lived in historic St Augustine wandering the streets once more.

Take A Ghostly Tour
It is not uncommon to see trolleys making their way through the tour with groups of people eager to learn the history of our beautiful city. However, one trolley entices a more ghoulish route through St Augustine. Climb aboard the Ghosts and Gravestones trolley tour and immerse yourself in the history of the cities most haunted and ghastly areas. As the Oldest City in America, no shortage of historical occurrences may have left ever lingering presences throughout St Augustine, Florida.

Find A Medieval Fright
History shows times haven’t always been so kind, but what if you could relive the terrors of the darkest age in humanity? This Halloween season, travel back through time to the medieval ages and discover the horrors at the Medieval Torture Museum. Torture devices of unthinkable brutality on display fully realized as common playthings hundreds of years ago. Take a walk through the exhibits and a collection of hundreds of various artifacts and models of devices that once inspired the blood-curdling screams of many a victim. Are you brave enough to stomach this terrifying museum?St Augustine Florida

Bonus! Dark Of The Moon Lighthouse Tour
Choosing the top three of anything is not an easy feat in a city as diverse and historic as St Augustine; therefore, we have a bonus! Explore the St Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum like never before with the Dark of the Moon Lighthouse Tour. Recount the hauntings and history of this historic lighthouse and even take a step into the role of a ghost hunter with the chance to rent paranormal devices to pick up traces of spirits along the way.

This October, stay with us at Southern Oaks Inn for a St Augustine experience that will send those shiver down your spine just in time for Halloween. The historic downtown area of St Augustine is just waiting for you to discover the dark side hiding in the shadows. Come and experience these excitingly terrifying St Augustine, Florida must-sees with us!