st augustine hotelsWhen visiting St Augustine, Florida, there are plenty of things to do and adventures to experience. Many visitors will take a walk along St Augustine Beach or tour one of our many museums, however, why not spice it up with three unusual experiences? Stay with us at Southern Oaks Inn in St Augustine and discover the odd and bizarre at these three noteworthy attractions nearby your accommodations.

Stay Young Forever At The Fountain Of Youth
Just about everyone has been curious about freezing time, immortality, or holding onto their youth for as long as possible. Though through the years everyone has tried to bottle youth serums and attempted crazy remedies to slow down the aging process, nothing compares to the age-old tale of The Fountain of Youth. Take a sip and test if the mythical powers of Juan Ponce de Leon’s most famous discovery are true. You can take an interactive tour to learn about the history and tales behind this whimsical, archaeological find.


st augustine hotelsA Swashbuckling Pirate Experience
For most of the early history of the Gulf Region, tales of pirates plaguing the area and commandeering ships have painted a colorful picture of these swashbuckling tyrants of the sea. On your St Augustine, Florida, getaway, you can take the opportunity to step back in time and learn just who these outlandish characters really were. At the St Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum, you can get a first-hand look at pirate bounties, the inner-workings of their massive ships, and various artifacts that tell us their story. Take an educational tour for an informative adventure, or explore on your own throughout the interactive exhibits.


st augustine hotelsThe Rare, The Curious, And The Downright Odd
We have all heard of people having collections of odd items or the usual assortment of snowglobes or antique spoons. However, this collection is in a class all its own, and the collector of all of these peculiar items is the one and only Wolfgang Von Mertz. Wolf’s Museum of Mystery is located right in his own home and consists of a myriad of artifacts, mythical treasures (such as mermaid hair), and a plethora of other eccentric items. From an alien mortuary to a Countess Elizabeth Bathory Bath, there is no other museum quite like this one in the historic downtown St Augustine.

Discover all of these unusual things to do and sites to see in St Augustine, Florida, when you stay with us at Southern Oaks Inn. When it comes to St Augustine hotels, you know you will be in good hands with us. Another highlight of our property is that getting to and from the day’s events is easy due to our convenient location. Come and visit us to explore these three extraordinary sights as well as many others with a St Augustine, Florida, getaway.