4 Ways to make your Southern Oaks Inn Room as Relaxing as Possible

Everyone who travels knows that jetlag, stress from screaming kids on the plane (yours or other passengers) and getting up early for a flight can be a drag…literally. It drags down the skin on your face and your overall morale. But there is something you can do about it.
Here at the Southern Oaks Inn we have comfortable beds and relaxing décor but you can bring things from home as well that will prove to be exactly what you need to enjoy your vacation in St. Augustine, Florida.

  1. Infused Water Bottle – These are a dime a dozen and can easily be purchased at your local department store, online or at the airport. Grab some fruit and add it to your water. The water is infused with flavor from the fruit which will encourage you to drink more water. Instant cell recovery, check!
  2. Essential Oils – If you’re not an essential oil distributor, or have a friend that does, you can easily pick some up at the airport shops. Drop some into your bath, rub drops on the bottom of your feet or temple and enjoy an instant emotional and physical rebalance that spas charge hundreds for.
  3. Massage Balls – These have become ever so popular throughout the years and seem to bring tired travelers the relief they need to enjoy their vacation from day one. Lay on your back once you get to your room and place the massage ball at the nape of your neck or center of your shoulder blades. It will push on the knots you developed on the plane or in the car on your way to St. Augustine. Instant relief!
  4. Face Masks – There’s no denying the fact that our faces naturally sag when we travel. Blame it on the change in weather, altitude or pollution. Either way, it’s easy to refresh and renew your face with a portable face mask that fits in a carry on. Depending on the time you allot for your “inn room spa” will determine which one to use. If you don’t have any with you, a quick trip to a St. Augustine convenient store will provide you with many options to choose from. Our front desk will help you with suggestions as to where you can get one.

If preparing an “inn room spa” isn’t your thing and you want the real deal, then worry no more. Our complimentary wi-fi will allow you to search for a spa that’s close by the Southern Oaks Inn. Our front desk staff is also here to make some recommendations.

Why not check into the Southern Oaks Inn located in St. Augustine, Florida for a relaxing getaway now?