When it comes to traveling some have it down to an art. They’re the ones checking into a flight at the Jacksonville, Florida airport with each hair in place, matching luggage, jet setter clothing (yes that’s a style) all the while sipping a cup of joe from some fancy coffee shop. Others, however, look like they just stepped out of a moving vehicle, have duct tape holding their mis-matched luggage together and you can certainly tell what they had for breakfast because bits of it has found it’s way onto the front of their shirt.

Folded clothing, shoes, and hat

Regardless of what type of traveler you are there’s one question all travelers ask at one point or another. How should I pack for a long weekend getaway?

Below you will find a list of essentials when it comes to packing light:

  • Pack basics and stay away from outfits – When you pack basics instead of outfits you’re able to mix and match items easier. This allows for more space in your luggage. An added bonus to this is you may be able to fit everything into a carry on and forgo any bag fees at the airport.
  • Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ – No, I don’t mean the doggies. Try rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This leaves for quite a bit more room in your luggage so that you do have room to pack that little black dress, some scarves and jewelry just in case you have a night out on the town
    while in St. Augustine.
  • Forgo the packing of too many shoes – I know this is going to be hard but you’ll thank me since your luggage will be lighter and it will leave room for more items. Perhaps bring a pair of shoes that you can dress up or down and wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane so that you don’t have to pack them.
  • Charge ahead – Don’t forget your device chargers. Whether you’re an Apple lover, Samsung guru or love the Blackberry they all take different types of chargers. The chances that you’ll be able to replace them easily is slim. So instead of simply throwing them into your suitcase, why not take twist ties from empty bread bags and tie them all together? That way you’ll be organized with no big, tangled mess thus avoiding the need to buy new ones.

Anytime is a good time for a long weekend getaway and now you know how to pack for one. If you’re still looking for a great getaway location why not check out St. Augustine, Florida and the Southern Oaks Inn? Our 124 room, pet friendly Inn is close to historic St. Augustine, FL and the local beaches. After you eat our complimentary breakfast you’ll be ready to explore St. Augustine at your leisure and return home refreshed and ready to face another week.