5 Ways to Ensure Airplane Travel with Smaller Kids is Stress Less

When traveling to Saint Augustine, Florida with the family it’s important to us that everyone have fun.  Many of our guests bring their kiddos on a plane from around the world.  This can cause some stress for parents, but it doesn’t have to.

Here are 5 tips on how to travel via plane with small kids:

  1. Bring the Car Seat – It’s always best to purchase a seat on the airplane for your toddler. If you do, bring their car seat.  That way you’ll be hands free and the kiddos will be safe in a secure seat during any strong turbulence.  Most car seats are airline approved these days but a quick tag read on the back of the seat will ensure that yours is.
  2. Don’t forget the stroller – Anytime that a parent can have both hands available for guiding and directing a toddler the better. Having a stroller does that.  Simply place your child in the seat and load up the bottom and handles with your carry-on bags.  It’s easy, breezy that way.  Then when you get to the Southern Oaks Inn you can easily store the stroller in your room or take it with you as you explore Saint Augustine, Florida.
  3. Tag Your Bags..and Toddlers – That sounds a little weird but it’s a great way to ensure your child’s safety. Many travelers are purchasing bag trackers, (it’s a gadget that you put on your bag and track it with a phone app).  Why not buy one for your children as well?  It will give you piece of mind if they run off while you’re checking in for your flight or distracted by something else.
  4. Bring the fun stuff – Pack the bribe bag. “If you sit still I’ll let you play with…”  If that’s not your parenting style, then perhaps purchase some coloring books and candy or drinks they typically don’t get.
  5. Book a Longer Layover – Doing so will allow the little ones to stretch their legs and work out some pinned up energy. This works well for little ones and their parents since sleeping on the plane can be a great break and if they’re releasing some energy you may find that they’re tired and ready for a nap when you board again.

We love the families who visit us here at the Southern Oaks Inn.  With our pool and free breakfast, families love it too.  Plus, St. Augustine, Florida is perfect for little ones.  There are great beaches and the town is super kid friendly.  Here’s to traveling successfully with the kiddos and arriving at our Inn raring to adventure out into Saint Augustine, Florida.