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A Romantic Trip For Two

st augustine florida hotelsThere are always occasions that couples wish to get their special someone a special something. Whether it be for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just a random “I love you.” Rather than settling for the traditional flowers, chocolates, or piece of jewelry, treat yourself and your love with an escape. Get away for a while with a romantic trip for two to one of the coziest St Augustine Florida hotels at Southern Oaks Inn.

Tour The Town Together

St Augustine is an incredibly historic town with many different things to see. If you and your love enjoy exploring and learning new things, a tour of St Augustine would be the perfect outing. There are several tours available like those offered by St Augustine’s Best Tours, where you can see the area from all angles with journeys that take you by water, land, and sky. There are also art tours like those with the St Augustine Art Association. You can stroll through town on your own to make discoveries or get a few local insights from guides on one of the many tours.

Food For Heart

Sometimes a nice dinner with your love is a nice touch to a day out together. Take a step away from the average dinner date when you visit St Augustine. Indulge in fine wine’s, beautifully crafted dishes, and soak in the romantic ambiance of St Augustine. Three places that bring all of these factors together are Cap’s On The Water, Michael’s Tasting Room, and Ice Plant. Though each is unique in their own ways, they each boast romance and fine dining.

st augustine florida hotelsTo End The Night

When you have explored all there is to see and tasted the many flavors of St Augustine at an incredible local eatery; you will be welcomed by your accommodations at Southern Oaks Inn. We are one of the St Augustine Florida hotels that are conveniently just outside of the busier downtown area. This factor makes us easy to get to after a night out but yet in a more quiet section of town, so you do not miss a wink of beauty rest. You can give us a call at 904-342-2354 or visit our website to book your stay and begin planning your romantic trip for two.