Historic Downtown St AugustineWhen you look up St Augustine Florida, you will typically see images of a beautifully structured building with red shingles that resembles a castle. Intricate fountains flowing in a courtyard, surrounded by palm trees that stand proudly inside the brick walls. When you stay with us at Southern Oaks Inn, discover one of the most well-known, historic downtown St Augustine Florida attractions at Flagler College.

Take A Tour

Though there are seemingly endless things to do in St Augustine, a visit to Flagler College is one must-see that you will not want to miss. You can enjoy its splendor from outside the doors or enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the courtyard area. However, we encourage you to take a closer look by taking a tour of the grounds. Discover the history of the building as Hotel Ponce De Leon and its transformation into the Flagler College that St Augustine Florida is so well known for today.

Get Inspired!

Historic Downtown St AugustineFrom Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass windows to the elegance of Spanish Renaissance architecture, Flagler College is a living work of art. Henry Flagler’s original vision was one of luxury and splendor. What is now Flagler College was formerly the Hotel Ponce De Leon and one of the finest resorts of its era. With hand-carved wooden pillars, intricately designed chandeliers, and art lining the walls, it is easy to be inspired by the grandeur of the College’s structures. Whether it is to attend class, pick up a crafting hobby, or read up on more historical art, this National Historic Landmark is sure to spark a bit of inspiration within you.

A Fantastic Stay

During your visit to St Augustine Florida, make your way downtown from Southern Oaks Inn and discover the historic Flagler College for yourself. You will be able to experience some of the most incredible Spanish Renaissance architecture in historic downtown St Augustine. Here at Southern Oaks Inn, we encourage our guests to explore the area and get to know the extraordinary history of the Oldest City in America. Stay with us and experience an exciting historical adventure to St Augustine!