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Planning Your St Augustine Vacation: What To Bring

hotels in st augustine flTraveling is all fun and games until it is time to pack. Whether you have traveled before or just getting started, it is always important to pack the essentials specific to the area you are going. Southern Oaks Inn is happy to help you plan your trip to the St Augustine area. Pack all of these necessities and stay with Southern Oaks Inn and discover one of your new favorite hotels in St Augustine FL.

Planning To Seasons

Before you begin to pack and toss your favorite beachwear into your suitcase, there are a couple of factors to take into consideration. During the summer months, Florida gets very hot, so it is always a good idea to pack your comfortable clothing to keep you cool. However, the winter months can still prove to be chilly by Florida standards. During the evening hours, it cools off so warmer clothing can be essential to have in your pack. Here is a short list of items that you may want to add to your Florida packing checklist:

  • A pair or two of long pants
  • Shoes fit for a lot of walking
  • Sandals
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • A brimmed hat
  • A sweater or light jacket
  • Swimwear (It is Florida after all)

Leaving A Little Room

When visiting new places, it is pretty standard to plan on bringing a few things home. If you are like many that travel, you have a short list of things that you plan to bring back for family and friends. Flying can make this a little tricky hotels in st augustine flbecause nobody wants to overpack coming home and end up with extra charges added to their flight. The best way to avoid this is to pack lighter, to begin with. Leave a little room in your suitcase for those silly T-shirts, knick-knacks, and souvenirs.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is always an essential factor in traveling. Check the weather before leaving to be sure you have everything you need and that the plans on your itinerary can continue as scheduled. Make sure you have one of the most spectacular hotels in St Augustine FL, as well, by booking with us at Southern Oaks Inn. Make sure every detail of your trip is top notch by giving us a call and planning your memorable trip to St Augustine with us here at Southern Oaks Inn.